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About Zimbabwe

The Children’s Home is Located in Gokwe District, that is in Midlands Province of Zimbabwe about 300km from the capital city Harare. It is approximately 500meters north of Gokwe South town Offices.

Zimbabwe formerly known as Southern Rhodesia is located in Southern Africa and is a former British colony. It gained its political independence in 1980.

Zimbabwe has a population of about 14million people. Recent statistics indicate that 24% of Zimbabwean population is infected with HIV/AIDS pandemic.

3 500 people die every week from malnutrition, poverty and AIDS

The average life expectancy for females is 34years whilst for males is 37years.

Unemployment is at 94% and there is a chronic shortage of foreign currency, fuel and other basic commodities.

By February 2009 Inflation had risen to 231million% despite all attempts by the government to down play the figures however with the legalisation of foreign currencies as legal tenders this has slightly improved the rate of inflation.

There is a collapse of the health delivery system that has seen innocent Zimbabweans dying of treatable diseases like cholera, malaria etc.

There has been a collapse of the education system due to critical shortages of skills and a huge brain drain to countries in the West including Britain since the land grab programme was initiated. The brain drain has affected particularly the health and education disciplines. Teachers downed tools and others resigned as a result of poor remuneration.

There are poverty wages which are below the poverty datum line and declining levels of employment

Zimbabwe was once a breadbasket of Southern Africa but is now a basket case as a result of the land invasion programme.

There are Chronic shortages of foreign currency, erratic supply of water, electricity and fuels. There is dollarization of the economy and shortages of basic commodities.

There is also endemic poverty affecting in access of 80% of the population and its feminisation and ill-advised policy reversals that affect the property rights and mining industries.

Finally the disputed presidential elections in March 2008 led to a Government of National Unity (GNU) however the GNU is an experiment that seem to be struggling to make an impact with regards to changing the lives of Zimbabweans. However there is need to support the current peacefull arrangement as change is taking effect though at a snail pace.The GNU has its own teething problems that are yet to be resolved. There is need to continue to praying for the restoration of human rights and the eradication of corruption in every sector of the economy and the state departments.

The government no longer support its vulnerable members of the society due to poor management of its fiscal policy. Orphans, the elderly, the terminal sick and disabled are left to fend for themselves.